Working Time: 9:30-18:00
2024 The 9th International Conference on Integrated Circuits and Microsystems

In order to publish the accepted paper smoothly, every author should follow the guideline of publishing process. Conference secretary will contact with you for any update. Please keep an eye on your email even after the conference.

1/Paper Format Requirement
>> Each paper should be edited by following the proceeding template.
>> Each paper should be with enough pages. (4 full pages≤pages≤9). If the paper is more than 6 pages, the extra page will be charged.
>> All the figures and tables should be in order and with high definition. Each figure and table should be mentioned in text.
>> Reference should be better with at least 10. Each reference should be cited and mentioned in text orderly.
The above is the basic publishing requirement. Fore more paper format requirement should be carefully following the proceeding template.

2/ To do list when you submit the registration materials
>> Submit final paper after revision by following the template and review form
>> The number of authors in a paper should be better within at most 6.
>> Finish the registration fee and return the payment proof
>> Enclose signed copyright
>> Offer the back-up email to receive the necessary email
>> Get the registration confirmation from the secretary

3/ Copyright sign
>> The online copyright will be sent to you around the conference date.But you still need to sign a printed copyright as a back-up, please follow the intruction of the conference secretary.
>> The information on the copyright should be totally the same with the final paper including authors' name, order and organizations, ect.
>> Please return the pdf file of signed copyright and return it to the conference secretray:

4/ Confirm the camera-ready
All the accepted and registered paper will be submitted to the editor for final review. Then it will be sent to your email for double confirmation after this process. You will receive this feedback around the conference date. When you receive the confirmation email, you need to do the below list:
>> Confirm the paper title, authors' name, names' order, organization, fund support acknowledgement. etc.
>> If there is any revision feedback from the editor, the author should modify the paper immediately and return it on time.
>> Check all the completeness of whole paper in case that  the adjustment may destroy the integrity of the article.
>> If there are necessary to edit, all the revision should be only allowed in the paper confirmed by the editor. And the author should give the feedback to the conference secretary with clear statement where the paper is modified.
>> Please give the short reply to ensure your confirmation. And the paper can't do any change after your confirmation.
>> Without receiving the confirmation before or on the deadline, the enclosed paper will be published as final version by default. If there is any problem, the authors of the paper should undertake all the responsibility.